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Did you know lavender oil can be extremely nourishing for your hair and scalp? And who wouldn't want a luxurious yet easy hair care routine? This richly scented oil has the power to stimulate hair growth, make your hair shine & nurture your scalp with just a few drops💧

Shiny Hair with Made By Earth's Lavender Oil



The amazing benefits of applying lavender oil to your scalp have been proven in numerous scientific studies. The anti-bacterial properties of our favorite oil promote a healthier and more moisturized scalp. Say "no more" to stubborn dandruff and flakiness + you get an added benefit - FULLER & STRONGER HAIR 🎉

Our quick and easy home recipe will give you results in just a few weeks with regular application. Here's how to do it:

⁂ Mix 15 drops of pure lavender oil with 15 drops of your carrier oil of choice - coconut, grapeseed or argan are all excellent options!

⁂ Massage into scalp and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

⁂ Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner.

⁂ Repeat every 4-5 days!

 Made By Earth's Oil for Curly Hair


The great thing about lavender oil is that it is healthy and beneficial to ALL hair types and can help your hair achieve star-quality SHINE 💫

Our simple three-ingredient recipe will tell you how 🡻


15 drops pure lavender oil
15 drops jojoba oil
15 drops coconut or olive oil


⁂ Mix oils together

⁂ Massage into damp hair and scalp

⁂ Let it sit for 45-60 mins.

⁂ Rinse with shampoo

We hope you LOVED these recipes! Comment below to let us know what YOU do to maintain healthy & shiny hair!

 Lavender Sketch at the End of Blog Post by Made By Earth


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