Lavender Aromatherapy for Restful Sleep

Lavender oil is nature's No. 1 ingredient for combatting insomnia, anxiety and headaches.💤 

😌 The use of this magical oil promotes natural relaxation and calms the nervous system through lavender's interaction with the brain's GABA neurotransmitter. Not only that, it helps to stabilize moods like aggression, agitation and restlessness! 


Our home aromatherapy hacks for better sleep - Made By Earth

1. Press the reset button on your sleep by adding a few drops of lavender oil onto your pillow before bed!


2. Set a relaxing room environment by pouring a few lavender oil drops into your diffuser approximately 30 min. before bed!


3. Allocate 5 minutes for a temple massage for relieving headaches and relaxing your head before sleep - add a little bit of lavender oil on your fingertips and begin massaging the temple area by applying gentle pressure and making clockwise circles.


So, you might be asking how exactly lavender helps your body enter a state of calmness? When the aroma enters your body through your nose, it instantly begins working on the central nervous system and calms it down by gently lowering blood pressure and the pulse. Studies have also shown that once you enter sleep, lavender's scent helps you sustain a longer deep sleep period (or slow-wave sleep), which is essential to detoxification, repair and recharge. 

Go ahead and try our 3 super easy tips for using lavender for a more rested you, and tell us about your results down below! 



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