Made By Earth is a new small business recently founded in 2022 in the sunny, colorful state of Colorado.☀️

Our founders started this business with the intention of establishing a bond between the busy modern individual with pure nature through products derived straight from the Earth with minimal intervention in the process of creation, distillation and delivery. 🌎

We give you 100% pure lavender oil and we connect every customer to nature - Made by Earth


Their search for the perfect pure & sustainable product led them 5,200 miles across the Atlantic to the small country of Bulgaria, located in South-Eastern Europe. 

Sustainably Grown in Bulgaria and designed packaged in the USA

Bulgaria is an abundant producer of organic plants, herbs and flowers, and Bulgarian essential oils are some of the purest in the world, which is a rare commodity on the market today. Additionally, Bulgarian culture and attitude towards nature inspires respect and awe, so we wanted to spread news about their beautiful country around the world.

Lavender Oil Created with Care for the Planet - Made by Earth

With this in mind, it was our turn to ensure we honor and respect our planet. We designed the brand’s packaging with 98% biodegradable and recyclable materials. 

And to ensure our customers feel as close to nature as possible, Made By Earth distills its lavender oil on the day it is harvested.

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